D'Arsonval produces ozone molecules - they kills bacteria and virus, eliminates acne. This treatment reduces wrinkles, fine lines and skin irritation. Tightens skin and improves skin texture.



Waxing removes hair from the root. New hairs will not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to six weeks.  If waxing is done regularly, permanent hair reduction may be achieved.



Henna coloring eyebrows and eyelashes using special powder or gel. Professional  applications gives 6 weeks of rich, vibrant eyebrow color.



Cavitation peeling is currently performed by professional cosmetic Salons. Ultrasounds of specific frequency induce a cavitation wave. This wave, in presence of water spread on the skin, creates microscopic bubbles filled with thin gas. Under the influence of the ultrasounds the bubbles expand and burst. In a short period of time on a small surface a large amount of heat is released and the pressure rises. Ultrasounds are also used for insertion of vitamins and other active components into the deeper parts of the skin in order to increase their effectiveness.


eyebrow thread15
eyebrow tint20
eyelash tint20
eyebrow thread & tint30
eyelash & eyebrow tint, eyebrow thread35
eyebrow wax25
eyebrow tint & wax35
eyebrow & eyelash tint, eyebrow wax40
manual facial cleansing & algae mask140
manual facial cleansing, algae & plaster mask170
manual facial cleansing, algae & plaster mask, skin care ampoule200
manual facial cleansing, massage, algae mask170
manual facial cleansing, massage, plaster & algae mask200
manual facial cleansing, massage, plaster & algae mask, skin care ampoule 230
manual facial cleansing as an addition for beauty treatment100
cavitation peeling60
cavitation peeling & algae mask100
cavitation peeling, algae mask & massage130
cavitation peeling, massage, algae mask & skin care ampoule 160
cavitation peeling as an addition for beauty treatment30