Sesderma is an exclusive Spanish medical and cosmetological company which specializes in chemical peelings. All products made by Sesderma are based on nanotechnology and are made up of selected active ingredients


This treatment is based on the use of almond acid which has anti-aging properties. It makes your skin become much brighter and regain its youthful appearance. Almond acid has also a positive effect on stepping up the collagen production process. As a result your skin becomes smoother and tighter. In addition to that, almond acid has anti- bacterial properties, which helps to treat acne.

The price of the treatment is: 150 PLN/45 min

Mandelac T for the eye area

This is a gentle peeling applied under the eyes. It is based on three acids: almond acid, phytic acid, glycolic acid. It makes under eye shadows and skin discoloration go away, smoothens wrinkles, makes skin regain its natural colour. At the same time it dose not cause any sensation. This treatment  is recommended to people who have dark under eye circles, under eye bags, mimic wrinkles or tired skin around eyes.

The price of the treatment is: 100 PLN/30 min


This treatment deals with skin which has a tendency to develop dilated blood vessels. Azelaic acid 20%, has brilliant properties to fight dilated blood vessels and redness. It is also recommended to people with thin skin in order to improve skin texture and skin colour.

The price of the treatment is 150 PLN/45 min


This is a chemical peeling based on arginine. This is an ideal treatment for people with first signs of skin aging, such as tiny wrinkles or skin flaccidity. After treatment skin becomes smooth and bright.

The price of the treatment is 150 PLN/45 min


Lactic acid 90% has moisturising properties and makes skin recover its natural pH, and additionally ,strengthens its epidermis. Besides, lactic acid has anti-inflammatory properties. This is an ideal treatment for combination skin.

The price of the treatment is 150 PLN/45 min

Pyruvic Peel

Pyruvic acid (40%) peeling perfectly evens skin and improves the complexion appearance, normalizes the sebaceous glands and visibly unblocks and tightens pores. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Excellent for people with acne, oily skin and over dry skin, people suffering from rosacea, hyperpigmentation and melasma. Ketonic acid turns into lactic acid when it comes into contact with water and has excellent moisturising  properties.

The price of the treatment is: 150 PLN/45 min

Dna Recovery Peel

Dna Recovery Peel and its active ingredient ferulic acid 15%  acts in an anti-inflammatory way (reduces inflammation and redness), neutralises free radicals, increases the level of vitamins C and E, reduces skin damage caused by exposure to the sun, protects skin cells DNA, protects against skin cancer. DNA Recovery Peel System is recommended especially to people with skin aging problems and for those with skin requiring DNA structure repair and antioxidization.

The price of the treatment is: 180 PLN/45 min

3 Retises CT

This treatment is meant to provide thorough skin rejuvenation. It is intended for people with mature skin or with skin showing symptoms of too early aging.  3 Retises CT is based on considerable concentration of vitamin C and retinol . It gives skin epidermis an excellent peeling effect stimulating recovery of skin tissue. It also leaves a long lasting, refreshing effect. The treatment can be administered over the face, neck and cleavage.

The price of the treatment is: 220PLN/20 min

SES Retnal Orange peel

This is a quick treatment which is based on the use of retinol. It provides an effective anti-aging action in the deep layers of epidermis and dermis. It does not cause obvious skin peeling, therefore it can be administered without affecting your every day responsibilities.

The price of the treatment is: 190 PLN/20 min

The price of the treatment with azelaic acid is 240 PLN/40 min