We offer a gel method of extending nails in Femmalium Med SPA. This is an excellent way to get beautiful nails which can come in a variety of colours.

This method provides a possibility to extend your nails, shape or reconstruct them. This method is also directed to all those, who are compelled to cope with biting nails.

We guarantee that all the nails made by our qualified stylists are bound to look both natural and elegant.

We use prestigious brands: Gelish and Indigo in Femmalium.

We are always ready to adapt our service for our customers’ needs and tastes offering the most fashionable ornaments, adornments and effects.

As we are genuinely  concerned about our costumers’ health, all our tools are disinfected and sterilized in a special piece of equipment named AUTOKLAWIE. This procedure is used before every treatment in the customer’s presence.

We do not recommend nail extension as long as the customer’s nails turn out to be fragile or damaged.