Aren’t you happy with the shape of your lips? Would you like to make them bigger and better looking? You can fulfil your dream in our aesthetic medicine salon. You just have to decide to have your lips made bigger. Our beauty salon offers filling your lips with preparations such as: Surgilips, Juvedrem, Revanesse Lips, Restylane Lips, or Perfectha. You are welcome to visit us and we will be able to choose the best treatment which is bound to satisfy your needs.

What is the treatment of making your lips bigger based on?


The first stage before every treatment at Femmalium MED SPA, is a talk with the patient. At this stage all details are discussed. There is also a medical interview with a doctor provided. This is meant to avoid any possible side effects. Should any doubts arise, all your questions will be answered by our specialist who will, after dispelling them, provide a special anaesthetic in a form of a cream. The next step is to inject a filling gel, which is provided in such a way as to make it possible to shape your lips properly. The treatment lasts usually a few minutes, sometimes a bit longer, though not longer than 20 minutes. There is no need to be afraid of the treatment. It is absolutely painless. Slight discomfort might be felt when pressure and needling are applied together with the filling substance.

What sort of effects can we expect?


The treatment is followed by visible effects which can be seen as soon as the patient leaves our salon. Special care is recommended in the first few days. The important thing is not to overexpose your lips to excessive heat or sunlight. The answer to the question how long you can enjoy the results of the treatment depends on individual cases, however the desirable effects should last as long as 8 up to even 12 months. The treatment is absolutely safe therefore there are no reasons for not undregoing it again. As soon as we notice that our lips have lost their desirable shape it is recommended to consult our specialist. Once it has been done, a new time for a new treatment will be appointed. It is all meant to make your lips look absolutely special again.