Endermologie is the most technologically advanced massage using vacuum suction. It is one of the most effective method to combat uneven skin texture. Eliminates water cellulite, "spongy" skin, make skin firm and smooth. Thanks to the advanced technology of pressure it works on all three layers of the skin. It perfectly oxygenates, drains, improves blood circulation, smoothes and firms the skin.

Cellu M6 Integral it's a:

Increased stimulation. Effectiveness confirmed by clinical trials (after 8 weeks of therapy Endermologie® with technique Mecano-Stimulation content of collagen in the skin increases by 240%, 180% elastin, and the process of lipolysis is increased by 70%). Achieves 50x more effective treatments for the body and 3x greater efficiency on face.

Shorter duration of treatment

The larger size rollers, larger chamber, better suction parameters

Face treatment– new heads creates new ways to perform more precise and effective treatment also for face (3 times greater efficiency): crows feet reduction, reduction of wrinkles around mouth, firming skin– first effects are visible just after the first treatment.

Endermologie is very safe treatment, recommended for people in all ages. Special suit protects skin from a pinch.


Enedermologie - is it a treatment for you?


-uneven skin texture


-"spongy" skin

-lymphatic stasis

-less firmness



-pain (ex. back or legs)

-gray color of face skin