Enerpeel PA

Intensely flaking peeling based on pyroracemic acid 50%. Makes pores unblock very well, considerably reduces seborrhoea and prevents inflammation.  Excellent in acne treatment. Enerpeel PA also shows anti-bacterial properties and stimulates collagen production. This peeling is recommended to people with oily skin, acne complexion and dry skin.

Enerpeel SA

This peeling is based on salicylic acid action. It stimulates cellular skin revitalization, improves its firmness and removes slight wrinkles. It has got strong flaking properties. It also unblocks sebaceous glands and provides anti-bacterial  and anti-inflammatory action. Besides, Enarpeel SA removes overgrown horny tissue. It is recommended to people undergoing common acne, juvenile acne therapy as well as a treatment preparing for microdermabrasion.

Enerpeel GA

This is a glycol peeling which has revitalizing and rejuvenating properties. It hydrates the horny tissue and improves skin moisturising. It helps a great deal in acne treatment, regulates releasing sebum and closes and narrows sebaceous glands. It has an overall purifying effect. Enerpeel GA stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which considerably slows down the aging process.

Enerpeel TCA- LP

This peeling was prepared specially for sensitive skin. It is based on chloroacetic acid 25%. It gently cleans the skin without causing any irritation.  This peeling can be used in order to decrease discoloration, furrows, wrinkles or slight scars. It is recommended to people faced with photo aging problems, skin discoloration and acne-related middle size scars.

Enterpeel TCA Strong

This peeling is based on trichloracetic acid 40%. It is meant especially for people faced with advanced photo aging, sun hornification and skin discoloration. Suitable for all types of skin.

Enterpeel EL

This peeling was created to smoothen gentle skin areas around the eyes and mouth. It provides a very mild action, not causing any discomfort and irritation after treatment. It is based on applying a little layer of gel over the required areas and never causes any irritation to the conjunctiva and lips. This treatment effectively removes skin discoloration and aging effects over the most sensitive areas of the face.

Enerpeel Hands

This peeling was created to take special care of our palms. The preparation is based on trichloracetic acid 20% and  lactic acid 10%. The latter is able to modulate melanin biosynthesism, owing to which it perfectly levels skin colouration. This peeling is recommended to those areas of the palm which show photo aging.

Enerpeel Neck

This peeling is based on pyroracemic acid 35% and lactic acid 5%. It has rejuvenating  properties and works perfectly while it is applied over the area of the cleavage and the neck. It causes no irritation.

Pyruvic Peel LA

This is a flaking peeling based on pyroracemic acid. It permeates the epidermis and dermis. It prevents the horny layer from building up. It also provides the flaking effect without drying the skin. It is recommended to people undergoing acne therapy.